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Rodeos Pizza & Saladeria

Great Pizza.

Closed Mondays.

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A bit about Rodeos

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Rodeos Pizza & Saladeria opened November 22nd 2014. It is locally-owned and operated and a Klamath Falls original--not a franchise. A passion for great pizza, creativity and community improvement inspired owners David and Nell to open Rodeos in downtown Klamath Falls.

Rodeos' dough is made from scratch and cold-proofed for two days to develop excellent flavor and texture. Our red sauce is made from scratch too. We cook down small batches of whole-peeled tomatoes with herbs and spices. Our cheese is whole-milk mozzarella, grated fresh daily with none of the anti-caking additives found on pre-shredded cheese used by many restaurants and pizzerias.

We strive to provide top-quality pizzas and salads, friendly service, a living wage to employees and a fair price to our customers.


(541) 205-3464


1215 Main Street
Klamath Falls, OR 97601


Mondays: Closed

Tues - Sunday : 11a–9p

Rodeos offers online ordering!

We can usually fulfill orders of 1-3 whole pies in 20-25 minutes. For online orders we use a 30-minute pickup time, just to be safe. Occasionally, like some Friday and Saturday nights, wait times can be as long as 45 minutes--but that is uncommon. If you plan to order more than 4 pizzas, give us a call at 541-205-3464 to check the wait time--we'll make sure your pies are hot when you arrive.

p.s. don't forget the cookie!


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We're hiring


Attitude: You must bring a positive attitude. You must care about food and take pride in what you make.
Cleanliness: You must keep the restaurant clean. Very clean.
Work ethic: You must remain productive during your shift.
Efficiency: Work smart to work fast. Learn our method. Follow the method. Get quicker over time.
Organization: An organized and orderly work environment is key to maximizing efficiency. 


OR Food Handler: All staff must have a current OR Food Handler card.

OLCC permit: Any staff member with cashier duties (almost everyone) must have an OLCC server permit. If you don't have one, you must obtain one within two weeks of being hired.


During training (1-3 weeks depending on schedule), we pay OR minimum wage + tips. Minimum wage at Rodeos is $10/hr + tips ($1-2/hr) and none of our established cooks earns less than $11.  We simply can't afford to hire anyone whose time and talents are worth less. And a little bonus, you get to eat yummy pizza for free.

Final thoughts

 We expect excellence from our staff. It's the most important part of our recipes. If you have trouble following directions, getting along with others or think "Meh, it's just pizza. What's the big deal?", please don't apply. If you think food is fun and cool and you think quality, creativity and cleanliness are important, we'd love to have you! Please apply!

Take the next step...

Make great food. Serve customers that truly appreciate your work. Become involved in a new and growing business. Send a resume and and a few words introducing yourself to, or drop off your resume in person at 1215 Main Street. Your resume should include relevant work history and at least 3 references from non-relatives.