*** UPDATE April 21, 2019 ***

Curious Sampler beer tasting events are finished for the 2018-2019 season.

We had 18 different menus featuring 174 different beers, ciders and wine!

Curious Sampler tastings will begin again sometime during October 2019.

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Enjoy craft beer and hard cider?

Wanna trying new and interesting stuff?

Wanna try top-shelf beers/ciders for a fraction of the cost?


Then YOU are a curious sampler!

the coolest,


drinking game

in town

What is it?  It's a beer/cider tasting event. The drink menu and flights are predetermined and conform to a theme. And...there's a twist

What's the twist?  Each flight is served blind :)

What do you mean by "served blind" and why would you do that? At first, you won't know which drink is in which glass. This lets you focus on the taste, color and aroma of each sample. It also gives you an opportunity to guess, which is kinda fun. After 15-20 minutes you get the "Grand Reveal" and find out which beer/cider is in each glass. This is an incredibly fun and informative way to sample..

What does it cost? The cost varies depending on the drinks being sampled. They usually range $12-20 per person.

What do I get? Typically 8-9 beer/cider samples. Each sample is 2-4oz. We usually include some of our more expensive beers/ciders which normally run $15-25 for a 22oz bottle. This is a great way to try high-end craft bevs without blowing a ton of money.

What do I do next? Space is limited, so purchase tickets in advance online to secure a spot. Also, please show up 15-20 minutes ahead of time to get your table and food ordered. You can call in your food order ahead of time too.

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